Bad reviews can hurt your local businessPeople buy from you for two particular reasons: One because they trust you, and two because they have a conviction that you understands their need or your product/services is focused to meeting their needs. It is, for this reason, you try hard to provide a quality service to your customers and at the same time influence them to tell their friends. Thanks to the internet, your product or services can reach the world in a matter of seconds with the product, services or a company reviews. However, if one of your customers decide to post a negative online review, it can go viral and spread across the world, turning your company into a “laughing stock”.That Kind of review will wreck the trust that has taken you years to build.

Fortunately, you can be able to take charge of your online reputation by managing reviews to your own benefits. It’s not easy to that, and doing it by yourself might be a daunting task. But with the help of reviews sites, professional reputation management services and social media consultants this can be very easy. If you have plans to doing it yourself, you can always start by responding to negative reviews. Make sure you are always there to respond to those reviews and make a genuine effort to clarify details, Remember, they buy from you because you convinced them that you will be in their best interest. So they might not even concentrate on the negative review but mostly on the way you respond to these reviews.

A survey done by BrightLocal in 2014 showed that 88% of consumer surveyed said that they read reviews to determine whether to buy a product or a service. 72% said positive reviews make them trust a product or business which means negative reviews will directly impact your reputation as well as acquisition and revenue.It is, therefore, essential for any business to include online review management in a greater way in the overall reputation management efforts.Hiring a professional management service will help you monitor, respond and resolve these reviews promptly.They can help you fix and prevent all public relation disasters as well as promoting your business.

The reviews scenario usually comes out like this:
-Your Business is peeved.
-Customer seeking revenge even for a product from another company
-scathing reviews with details and explanations.
-Customer needs to be heard or even trying to promote his products.

Unattended, all these review features can drain your reputation as a business but With the right online review management strategy you can be able to:
-protect your business against attacks.
-You will restore your reputation if it has been damaged
-You will be able to deal with a crisis in time.
-create a positive mood on the review page.

We have many ways you can be able to manage these online reviews. From review site to Google alerts, to social media consultant and online review management services, but each and every one has its benefit over the other one. So it is imperative to go for the best and the convenient option one for your business. Do your research on their credibility, their service cost, is it free and why is it free? Services offered and don’t ignore their unique features.