How Chiropractors Can Get More Business by Having More Positive Reviews Chiropractors face many challenges: soaring chiropractic malpractice premiums, dwindling patient prospects, declining reimbursements, the venom of disgruntled patients, and the day-to-day difficulties of bringing in cash-generating line of services into the practice. Having an effective online reputation management program can help facilitate more positive patient reviews while mitigating any negative online reviews that could irreparably damage the practice. However, more positive reviews could help bring in new patients while keeping the existing ones.

As a chiropractor, you work tirelessly hard to help relieve the back pain that your patients feel with the hope that your satisfied patients will provide positive online reviews and feedback for the benefit of your practice, but this does not always happen. With the help of effective tools that can facilitate positive patient reviews, you can minimize the effects of negative online reviews and promote your practice’s success. Below is how chiropractors can get more business by having more positive reviews with the help of a reputation management service.

How Our Reputation Management Service Can Help Chiropractors Get More Business by Having More Positive Reviews

1. Our online reputation management service will help you take control of your online reputation through a comprehensive program that helps you by:

– Establishing a 5-star in-office review process
– Setting up helpful alerts for your chiropractic clinic
– Providing training on how you can respond to reviews
– Flooding your online space with positive reviews from clients
– Growing your presence online on a month-to-month basis

2. Active and Reactive reputation management help you deal with your practice’s reputation before and after it receives reviews from your patients, respectively. In other words, Active Reputation Management will farm quality reviews from your existing patient base while Reactive Reputation Management will teach you how to respond to reviews, both bad and good.

For businesses, law firms, and even medical fields, the importance of managing an online reputation has skyrocketed over the last 5 years, and has gotten to the point where when anyone searches for your product or service online, your business appears in the Google Map search results dominating the first page and the reviews show up as a highlighted feature. Yelp reviews even provide a direction to your clinic. This means that the reviews feature can no longer be ignored. Therefore, by having a “black eye” on one or more of these rating sites, your incoming stream of online patients may be affected without you even realizing it.

The unfortunate thing is that if you service 100 patients in a given day and somehow one of them is dissatisfied, the likelihood of receiving a review from this one patient is much higher than receiving a review from any of the other remaining 99 happy patients. Our Reputation Management Service will train your staff to be on the lookout for the patients who are happy with the service they have received and request them to leave a review, which should be done as smoothly and as professionally as possible. This is essential to your online image and to the reputation of your clinic, even if it means running contests to determine which staff member is able to generate the leading number of positive reviews on a month-to-month basis. Call us today for any inquiries.